Welcome to Scenebuilders!

Welcome to Scenebuilders!

If you love creating cool scenes for your tabletop game using Fantasy or Sci-Fi terrain then you’re gonna fit right in here!

My name is Aubrey Hodges and I create scenes using all sorts of terrain and dungeon kits including Dwarven Forge (Resin and Dwarvenite), Hirts Arts, WorldWorks (cardstock), scratch built, foam and just about anything else I can get my hands on. Over the years I’ve figured out some affordable methods of creating awesome scenes and thought perhaps it’s time to share with folks who love the hobby as much as I do. Whether you’re a master scenebuilder or new to the hobby I truly hope I can offer some tips, tricks and methods that will help you to achieve great results.

As you can see, the site is brand new so be a little patient as I populate it with tutorials and scenes. I also look forward to folks posting their cool tips and tricks right along with me. See you in the posts!

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